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Teach Them to Fish 

Teach Them to fish is a program designed to engage our neighbors experiencing homelessness, and empower them. We provide a life coach and plan of action to succeed beyond finding temporary housing and sharing a meal, we want our clients to discover the skill set to maintain the solutions we help create.

Life Coaching 

Our clients have access to a life coach for 6 months, which creates a sounding board and a system of accountability. The second set of eyes on our clients' life will help us anticipate obstacles and challenges and address them before they exist. 



Our clients are given a crash on household finance via our worried-to-wealthy program. We ensure our clients don't settle for the bare minimum, we want them not only to sustain what most would consider a normal life but to build wealth for generations to come.



We have built a list of partners that have services to aid in our client's life plans, whether they want to be a chef or CEO our clients have access through our relationships to services that will help get them there.


Transitional Employment

We've organized partnerships with companies that are willing to train and hire our clients on a temporary basis. We have also developed our own companies which will train and hire our client until there forever vehicle of earning comes about. 

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